What is on the horizon for Ignition after Easter?

Some may call juggling two shows at once for Formica a daunting prospect, however, we saw this as an exciting challenge and overcame rather successfully with both KBB and RDE being prosperous for Formica. In addition, we went to the Big Bang Fair with ICE and constructed a fun, interactive exhibition stand in which young attendees let their creative minds flow.

But what are we up to now that is all said and done? Well, if you hadn’t have guessed, we’re doing more build up for more exhibitions! (I bet you weren’t expecting that…). The first of these exhibitions will be Optrafair for our returning client Mark’ennovy. They are utilising a bigger space this year and therefore the challenge for this custom exhibition stand¬†was to create an interesting and eye catching stand that still had the same overall components from the previous year. We believe that this year’s design is stellar and an improvement. We’d love to show it you but you’ll just have to wait until April 9th I’m afraid!

The second custom exhibition stand we are tackling is for a long serving client of ours; Vivimed. We’ve worked with Vivimed for a number of years now who are attending InCosmetics yet again. We’ve been to this show a number of times, this year however it is being hosted in Paris! (promise we’re not just going for a nice trip). We’ve designed a sleek custom exhibition stand that fits the clients needs that also has an instant impact. But yet again, you’re just going to have to wait! A little longer this time, April 12th in fact when the show opens.

So although it may seem that it is a little quiet at the Ignition office, there’s lots of projects brewing! We hope you have a good Easter and we’ll be back to that hard work on Tuesday!

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