visual of telefonica campus party event showing blue walls and various material finishes
visual showing detail of the interior of the Telefonica proposal showing the countdown clock and illuminated graphics
visual of exterior view of the Telefonica Campus Party concept showing the light wells and neon lights
External visual of the creative proposal for Telefonica Campus Party showing the neon entrance and tiles walls
visual of the approach to the entrance of the telefonica campus party chalet showing the change of wall colours and angles

Exhibition | Telefonica | O2 London

Custom Exhibition Design

Ignition get conceptual for telecommunication giants Telefonica with a creative interpretation of the ‘unknown’ custom exhibition design.

Ignition were approached by SMRS a, neighboring agency to develop their creative exhibition design concept into a functional stand allowing Telefonica to communicate with the tech savvy youth attending Campus party 2013 at the O2 London.

Campus party is a week long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival attracting thousands of tech heads to camp ‘in’ at the O2 Arena equipped with laptops and ready to immerse themselves in the biggest electronic entertainment festival in the world. This is the first of two creative concept design that Ignition produced for Telefonica. (the second of which won the pitch) SMRS arrived with a vision for this creative design, destination Known and Unknown which quite quickly developed into a concept design featuring two definitive areas, the first of which being open (known) leading into a closed off space (the unknown).

The ‘Known’ developed into a tall open space designed to encapsulate the Telefonica brand with bold colours but must prominently beams of blue light streamed from above creating a light wall to walk through and onto the stand. Once on the stand the beams of light continue onto the floor all leading to the entrance of the ‘Unknown’ designed to encouraging the tech revelers to explore and discover all the stand had to offer. Other features to this area included large graphics, info pods introducing delegates to Telefonica’s presence. The ‘Unknown’ was designed to create intrigue even from a distance, the tall bright blue angular structure was obvious in its secrecy. Feature gaps allowing light and noise escape was a hint to the interior party contained.

Inside a bright vibrant area was on offer for delegates to socialise and engage in gaming competitions, hack-a-thons alongside tech and science focused seminars. Intriguing concept design encouraging exploration and discovery within the Telefonica brand.

Event | Telefonica | Campus Party | O2 London

Ignition deliver’s an exhibition stand with a powerful message for Telefonica at the O2 Campus party Event.

Ignition were approached by smrs a neighboring agency, to develop their powerful message into a functional exhibition stand allowing Telefonica to attract and engage with the tech savvy youth attending the O2 Campus party 2013 event in London.

The O2 Campus party is a week long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival attracting thousands of tech heads camp ‘in’ at the O2 equipped with laptops and ready immerse themselves in the biggest electronic entertainment festival in the world.

‘With us you can be more’ the powerful message Telefonica wanted to communicate to all the tech revelers attending this years O2 Campus party. The design had to be stricking and forward thinking as the tech savvy delegates, it needed to be three dimensional and provoke interest. The structure of this stand was the feature, architecturally intriguing on the whole the space was open but hight and areas were cleverly defined largely with the ribbon soffit starting as the presentation wall and folding up connecting to the pitching pod and relax zone.

Angular low walls also played a part in defining the spaces and creating a space which had to be explored and walked through. Attention to detail was another factor in creating an interesting space through the use of light, colour, pattern and reflective surfaces helping further to define areas and attract the eye to this great stand. This exhibition stand had our first ever apperance of the 3D printer, delegates were able design prototypes and have them printed…its the future.

external visual of the creative proposal for Schuh Welly exchange showing the grass walls and fret cut graphics
elevation showing the graphic layout of the stand, the rain cloud bin and the chalk board
the winning proposal with the grass floor and the recycled pallets for seating
conceptual visual showing the use of old chairs and a green shopping trolley
close up shot of the schuh illuminated sign at the top of the welly exchange
night time image of the schuh welly exchange at Rockness with people dancing in the foreground
inside the welly exchange where festival goers are trying on their new schuh wellies while sitting on old crates
guests at the event are invited to sit down on the pallets and try on new wellies
close up view of the staff at the schuh welly exchange halping a customer with his new wellies
view of the inside of the schuh welly exchange showing the simple graphics on the walls
customers at the schuh welly exchage queue up to be fitted with their new wellies
the staff at the schuh welly exchange take a break in the heat of the day
close up of the themed recycling bin at the schuh welly exchange

Event | Schuh | Welly Exchange | Festivals

A summer of festivals touring with the Schuh Welly Exchange, a fun interactive design with recycle and good will at its heart.

The marketing team at Schuh approached Ignition with an exciting, fun and charitable project we just couldn’t say no to.

The Schuh Welly Exchange had attended many festivals for a number of years when the marketing team at Schuh approached Ignition to refresh, reactivate and tour with the Welly exchange in a summer of festivals in 2013. These included Rockness, Camp Bestival and Bestival on the isle of Wight.

This quirky Event design and build previously the Welly Exchange travelled the festival sites as recycled shoes were an active ingredient incorperated into the ‘sole’ of the design. Promo staff enticed festival revellers to exchange their soggy shoes for a pair of money can’t buy Schuh wellies.

Event | Heineken | MCFC Executive Box Promotion | Manchester

A sleek and clever corporate event design in Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium which was inspired by a Heineken TV advertisement.

In collaboration with Ear to the Ground, who specialise in connecting brands with sport and music fans, Ignition created an executive box sponsored by Heineken and Harvey Nichols for a corporate event by Manchester City Football Club. The brief was to produce a high-profile and sophisticated experience for VIPs, celebrities, and players’ wives and girlfriends.

For the Heineken set, Ignition created a gleaming gallery-like space of cool clean lines and clear light which perfectly presented the iconic green bottles of Heineken. The Harvey Nichols set oozed sophistication and moody elegance with clever lighting creating a warm luxurious atmosphere ideally suited to the designer goods ranged on the shelves. While the two sets were very different in tone, they shared a high-quality finish which reflected both sponsorship brands.