Healthy Eating and Fast Food Don’t Mix? Think Again.

When you think of getting your hands on that fast food fix, you think of your typical chains such as McDonalds, KFC, so on and so forth but if you’re watching that waistline, there seems to be no other option right? Wrong. There’s a innovative ‘clean eating’ cafe just opened about a 10 minute walk from our office! Who would’ve thought that there would be a healthy fast food joint in Manchester of all places?

The cafe is called Kettlebell Kitchen and offers everything from guilt free burgers to tofu and cauliflower rice so its not all of those horrible green veggies you’re trying to avoid. There’s even a healthy pizza! Is your mind blown? I know mine is… Who knew that it was possible not to feel guilty after eating some fast food?

The prices aren’t too shabby either with a burger and side coming in at £6.95. Obviously that is a little more expensive than your average fast food establishment but for one or two pound extra, isn’t that worth the hassle-free life you’ll be experiencing now your partner can’t hassle you for eating fast food? I think so.

It is all well and good this fast food restaurant opening but this means that we’ll have to feel extra guilty any time we take the bad McDonalds option…

If you’re in Manchester then definitely check this place out, maybe you’ll see us there, maybe you won’t…

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