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First of all, lets address that no, that is not one of us in the image above. Although we do aspire to be that cool and have business trips on the beach…

Bett was certainly an eye opener for me as a new employee here at Ignition, as it allowed me to see the finished stands first hand and gauge a further understanding of how much of a company’s marketing budget is actually spent on these stands. Me and Jonny walked the show for over two hours and managed to see pretty much everything. We saw the best (and the worst) stands out there and one worthy of a mention was Frog Education’s stand which either had lots of creative flair or just plain luck when putting the whole thing together. This was due to the whole stand being scaffolding poles arranged in a sporadic format as you can see below. It definitely caught many an eye and there seemed to be lots of buzz around the stand, not to mention the complimentary carrier bag…

When looking at the actual products on offer, there was a wide array of different technologies ranging from the highly technical 3D printers to the LEGO brick building. So I would definitely suggest to go to this event if you are remotely interested in stand design and on the other hand if you are interested in technology, more specifically within the education sector, this is the place to be.

Taking a business trip to London obviously means that walking the exhibition was one element but the other element was a nice beer and food in the Belgian beer bar, Dovetail. This place was nice and quant with rustic features that offered a selection of Belgian beers alongside some excellent food. I went for the braised steak and as you can see it was worth it.dovetail

Overall, the trip to Bett was an insightful and interesting one and with the knowledge gained by me and Jonny, it will definitely benefit us. To follow all our adventures and work done by the company, follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn!


Bett is an exhibition down at ExCel, London and is all about the technology within the education sector. It gives companies the opportunity to show off their latest products and technologies they have to offer along with the ability to converse with other business people within the same sector. Theres a wide range of exhibitors and from ASUS to the BBC as new exhibitors, there will be lots of different products on offer.

You know what makes this event great? It’s free! All you have to do is register on their website and print off your badge, that’s it! What makes Bett, 2016 even better? We’ll be there! Two of us at Ignition, Me and Jonny will be traveling down for the Wednesday opening and we’ll be walking the show, checking out all the latest products and sparking up some conversations with the exhibitors, so keep an eye out for us! We’ll also be looking at all the exhibition stands this year has to offer and will be noting down some especially creative ones (but not as creative and revolutionary as we would have made them, obviously…).

If you bump into us don’t hesitate to make conversation because we’ll be interested in anything! Be sure to check out our social media accounts, especially our Twitter for the latest updates on our adventure and any future project updates we post.


I’m a fresh face in the Ignition office, currently interning as a marketing strategist, so welcome to my first post (hopefully of many) on our website. My first week has been interesting, insightful, hard work but overall just good fun with the relaxed feel and the buzz of creativity. I feel that I have incorporated myself well and managed to hold my own in the business environment, which I hope bodes well for the future… We even had a small meeting in one of the hip coffee houses in the Northern Quarter (where our great office is located). All of the design work that Ignition has done and is currently doing is mind blowing. The creative work done by everyone here is of the highest caliber, and attending events myself in the past, pales in comparison to seeing the exhibition stand work done here. I have also been invited to attend the Bett 2016 event in a weeks time and can’t wait to get stuck in, trying to contribute to the creative design of future projects. This comes to the end of my first post but hopefully you can stick around long enough to look at the new and innovative work we’re up to here.

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Whoa! Spontaneous hat chat has broken out in the office (The Pleasures of a Warm Winter Head) and putting that together with a growing interest in scarves and 5 o’clock pensive glances at faded light and it can only mean one thing. It’s getting to That Time of the Year again. Don’t wince: why shouldn’t we feel early-doors festive when we’ve got a great feel-good stand about to put in an appearance at Event City Manchester? If you’re going down there to visit The Ideal Home Show at Christmas (14th – 16th November) take a look at the charming stand we’ve designed for Festive Lights. You can’t miss it, it has that extra twinkle.

Designers strive to be original, forward thinking and unique but this can seem challenging when it feels like everything has already been designed. We all get stuck for ideas from time to time and tend to rely on the Internet for inspiration. Instead of turning to Google for help: take a more active approach and use the world around you to find your inspiration.

Some of the best design can be found in the natural world so it is not surprising that so many designers take their inspiration from within nature. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright are all known to use organic forms and shapes within their works. It is thought that the spiral stair structure of The Guggenheim Museum was based on the shape of a Nautilus shell and the radial symmetry of a spider web inspired the design of the skylight.

bfe035bb12d693bcf8093b247f9c93c6The Guggenheim Museum, New York 1937 – Frank Lloyd Wright

People, music, architecture and history are other great forms of inspiration. However, some designers have found theirs in more unusual places:

  • Artist Salvador Dali was an eccentric character with a vivid imagination and his fascination with Freud’s writings about dreams and the subconscious mind lead to his work having an extraordinary dreamlike quality. Dali’s work was influenced by the people he met during his life. But it was his wife, Gala who was his main muse and greatest inspiration and as a result, she featured in many of his paintings. I think that because Dali was inspired by many different areas of his life it meant that he did not limit himself to one style or media and as a result he was always growing and evolving as an artist.

37SwansReflectingElephantsSwans Reflecting Elephants 1937 – Salvadore Dali

  • Yayoi Kusama, is an 84 year old Japanese artist who has suffered from hallucinations and a obsessive compulsive disorder throughout her life. In her world everything is covered with net patterns and polka dots. I love how she channels her mental illness into her design and creates artwork for the world to enjoy. She works in a variety of media that includes, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and performance art. My favourite is her recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton for Selfridges which features her trademark polka dot pattern on both the exhibition and fashion collection.

Louis_Vuitton_Yayoi_Kusama_Selfridges_05Louis Vuitton and Kusama concept store at Selfridges, London 2012 – Yayoi Kusama

Design inspiration can be found everywhere and the more you open your mind, the more you can discover. Fashion designers can find inspiration within history; artists can find it in music and architects can even take inspiration from nature. Don’t just stick to what you know. Great design encompasses a collection of ideas that flow from exploring different cultures, lifestyles and eras.

Explore outside the boundaries, take inspiration from something you love and look at things with a new perspective.