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The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a valued client of ours in which we have produced a custom exhibition stand for many years now. This project is of a different nature somewhat compared to others that we take on, as this exhibition focuses on a much younger demographic.

The challenge that we faced at Ignition, was to create a custom exhibition stand that allowed for multiple conversations to be had at different stations. To further this, because of the younger demographic aspect, it had to look fun and interesting to attract their attention. We believe that this was developed effectively and we hope that ICE reaps the benefits of this.

Moving on to the exhibition itself, The Big Bang Fair has a wide variety of different companies showcasing their creative products and services to a young demographic in which to help and develop their future careers. The fair is on until the 19th so there’s still time to get yourself over there and experience it!

If you’re at the event this week then please do not hesitate to visit ICE over at stand 201 and maybe begin to shape your future!

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It’s all go over at the Ignition office at the moment! From graphics being created to custom exhibition stands being constructed, there’s no time to be wasted!

The reason we are so busy at this moment in time is due to KBB and RDE falling on the same week! We’re working with our client Formica who are currently attending KBB at The NEC until March 9th and then RDE at Olympia London from March 9th to 10th. Therefore, we have had to design two exhibition stands to fit said spaces, along with constructing them! Thankfully, we thrive under pressure as this meant that everything has gone as smooth as it could possibly go, with Formica having a great time over at KBB.

If you’re reading this and are unsure what KBB is all about, be sure to check out our previous blog post. RDE however is an exhibition that we have not explained before so get ready to soak in some information…

RDE is the Retail Design Expo and is all about retail design, marketing, shop-fitting and more! The exhibition only started in 2015, but this year they have doubled in size and is now Europe’s leading annual event for innovation and inspiration in retail design. They also have various speakers from various top companies which means that if you’re not only interested in the stands, you can have a interesting lecture on a wide range of topics.

If you;re interesting in attending either of these events visit the KBB and RDE websites! If you do, go and see our client Formica!

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After designing, building and showing off the custom exhibition stand we made for Go Native at The Business Travel Show, we’re now putting final preparations in place for Formica at KBB, 2016!

If you’re unfamiliar with KBB, it is all about kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands showing off their products to whoever is interested! The exhibition is hosted down at The NEC, Birmingham so you know that there’s going to be a some serious walking happening to get yourself around the whole event…

For us, this meant designing a custom exhibition stand for our long serving client, Formica. Formica are all about laminates and therefore they need a custom exhibition stand that really shows off their wide range of  products on offer. This year we have various sections within the stand to do this, and not only have we done this effectively, but creatively too. If you’re waiting for that design concept, you’ll have to just wait and see when the show opens, sorry! But if you want to see previous work we’ve done for them, have a click here.

The show opens on March 6th so it’s all go over here at the Igntion office!

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Sorry this post is a little late seeing as though the event was around 2 weeks ago…but thought we’d get our experience out there and show off the great exhibition stand we made for ThumbsUp!

Spring Fair is a huge event, showing off a wide variety of different types of companies. However, Spring Fair is a show that is very product centric and focuses on buying/selling products via trade prices rather than a service based show and therefore, there was certainly a lot to take in…There was one exhibition stand that could literally be seen as you walked in, ThumbsUp!.ThumbsUp custom exhibition standAs you can see in the above image, we went for the dark grey and striking red colours to make sure this exhibition stand stood out from the rest. We also incorporated some nice lighting to emphasise the key areas. Not only this, but we added some freestanding shelving areas for all of ThumbUp!’s products (and they have a lot of them) so customers have ease of access while also being able to view them. We, and ThumbsUp! received great feedback on the stand (obviously we knew it was awesome) and we hope to see you all at the next Spring Fair!

If you would like to see all our previous work done for ThumbsUp! and other clients, be sure to head over to our portfolio to feast your eyes on our other impeccable designs…

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Our next event, Spring Fair, 2016 is right around the corner as it opens its doors on the 7th of February down at the NEC, Birmingham so the team is working hard getting all the finishing touches in place. One of our clients, ThumbsUp are exhibiting at this event and they needed a stand that conveyed a bold company image while also being one that is aesthetically pleasing. We feel that we have definitely achieved this within our design work and we can’t wait to show everyone when it is all built (sorry no sneak peeks just yet). Another of our clients, Paper High are also down at the exhibition who have a more subtle stand and therefore only required us to provide working drawings for the exhibition contractors to build. However, judging from last year, it will be a simplistic but eye catching area so be sure to look out for them and their Fairtrade products! I’m sure we’ll be taking photos of the creative and unusual stand design so don’t worry, these will ignite (see what I did there?) your creative juices if you can’t attend yourself.

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