In the beginning...

Jonny and Lewis started Ignition in 1999. They are hands-on members of the design team and, with their years of experience, are at the heart of delivering our many incredible projects smoothly and efficiently.

Jonathan Absalom

Creative Director

Jonny trained at Mid Cheshire School of Art and Design, worked at various design agencies before co-founding Ignition. He is at the creative core of the company and relishes seeing an idea through from concept to completion. He well known for the eye-catching freshness of his designs and is very focused on converting creativity to measurable success. His meticulous research and understanding of clients’ businesses is hugely appreciated and his attention to detail is legendary, if not borderline obsessive.

Loves: Great Design, Liverpool FC and popping into The Port Street for a pint after work.

Hates: The cold, traffic and hype.

Lewis Horton

Company Director

Lewis trained at Sheffield Poly and then hopped between working in product design, museum design and lectured at Liverpool John Moores University before his real life started and he co-founded Ignition. He is predominantly involved in the production and technology that goes into exhibition stands, sets and interiors. He enjoys working with clients, getting to know them and building up an understanding of their business and their needs. Lewis has dedicated his cellar to bike-building and is consequently very appreciative of craftsmanship and has tracked down the finest contractors and specialist suppliers to work with Ignition. If he remembers to bring in the pot, his coffee really isn’t bad.

Loves: Building things, bikes and manchego from The Barbakan

Hates: Hatred, polarized society and having too many family birthdays in December

Emma Cairns

Design/Project Manager

Emma is Ignition’s Project Manager: problem-solver, communicator diplomat and ace biscuit maker. The clients love her and so do we – which is lucky because she came on work experience and we haven’t been able to shake her off.

Loves: Work, Manchester and special offers

Hates: The overrated cupcake, washing up and impatience

Jacob Woodward

Marketing Strategist Intern

Jacob is a youngster when it comes to experience in the grown up world of working, but recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and is itching to get into the nitty gritty aspects of exhibition design so we took him on as an intern. He primarily is focusing on devising a marketing strategy and being an overall social media mogul. He enjoys conversing electronically but has a voice too, so picking up the phone isn’t too old school for him just yet. Jacob has designed his very own ‘man cave’ of electronics consisting of gaming consoles with various TV’s and monitors (even a projector…) to have the ultimate entertainment experience. He’s an apprentice when it comes to making a brew but surprisingly, it’s drinkable.

Loves: Embarrassing people on video games, chelsea boots and Twitter

Hates: Mushrooms, the amount of ice in cocktails and the fact that wires are still a thing