Some questions that we feel you might want to ask...

We work hard to ensure that this website is informative and gives you a clear idea of who we are and how we work. However, it’s inevitable that you will have some questions that we haven’t answered so we’ve put ourselves in your shoes and we think this is what you’d like to know. In a nutshell – FAQs about exhibitions, interiors and events

1.We haven't written a brief - can you help us with our ideas?

Of course. We have a simple questionnaire that we’d be able to email you that asks questions about your business, your customers and you expectations. From this we can work up a brief that we can both use as a platform to launch ideas.

2.Do you exhibit all over the world?

Yes, we have installed exhibitions as far as Nairobi, Montreal and South Korea. Our clients are often international businesses and they believe that we are the best team to take their stands overseas. It minimises their stress and ensures a smooth project.

3.Do you have a minimum budget?

No, we work with a variety of budgets and are quite happy to work with clients with limited budgets. All our clients are aware of the value of controlling the budgets and we enjoy the challenge in responding in a creative and effective way.

4.Do you work with creative agencies?

Yes, we are a specialist supplier of interior, exhibition and event design and we welcome the opportunity to work with agencies or direct clients.

5.Will you work with clients outside the UK?

Yes, our clients are based throughout the world. We have long standing relationships with European clients as well as clients who are based so close that they pop around to see how we are getting on.

6.Will you email us over your ideas?

We believe that the process of building a great design involves commitment and a lot of hard work and we’d always prefer to present to you in person.

7.Do you have stock items that we can use?

We do have some stock items and quite a lot of the ‘standard’ structure of an exhibition stand is made up of stocks. However we like to taylor your project to suit you. There are companies out there who are happy to churn out the same old concepts that are rebranded to suit the pitch but we are not one of them. When it is sensible and appropriate to reuse existing kit we will.