We’re green

Ignition has a responsibility to the environment and we work hard to design and build eco-friendly exhibitions, interiors and events. Our exhibitions are designed to improve your business and bring long-lasting results – but they can also create waste. At Ignition we understand this and work hard to minimise our environmental impact. We take this responsibility very seriously.

In our office we recycle, re-use and re-vamp. In our business we source environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and products; we hire stock walls and floors whenever possible; we encourage clients to choose 100% recycled carpets and use LED lighting; and we always try to employ the services of local suppliers. It is, however, in our project management where we are most effective in designing eco-friendly exhibitions.

Our obsessive attention to the smallest detail enables us to minimise environmental impact: rigorous forward-planning and efficiency enable us to use sea freight rather than air, good organisation and meticulous care mean we get things right first time, we don’t waste materials and we avoid extra travel to sort out last minute hitches. Savings for both the environment and our clients.

Our responsibility will ensure that your impact on the environment is kept to a minimum and that your exhibition, interior or event is delivered in an efficient and sustainable manner. We believe that it is possible to run a successful business without disregard for the environment and aspire towards eco-friendly exhibitions.