Creative Events for corporate clients

Creative and custom event design for powerful brands

We regularly collaborate with event management companies, communication agencies, PR and marketing firms to design events. They trust us to inject creativity and verve into a practical space and make it magical. These projects fall into two broad categories: public and corporate event activations. Public events, such as music festivals, have to be atmospheric and require a lot of personality, wit and funkiness but with clear effective branding.

Event activations are challenging since they must discretely manage areas for audience, performers and sponsors while being easy and comfortable to use and providing a feel-good factor for both the client and their customers (see: Case Studies Gaymers Cider) Corporate events often feature a combination of areas with different and very specific functions ranging from large formal presentations to intimate informal break-out rooms – but together they must make a coherent, harmonious whole.

Corporate clients are very demanding and want an exceptionally professional, polished design coupled with very strong branding. Ignition does all this with distinction. You will never get corporate bland. (see: Case Studies Cheuvreux). Ignition has also successfully designed dual public/corporate events which cater for the public during the day and have a corporate role at night. We are skilled at creating arresting and attractive spaces that withstand intense public use and yet are easily re-configured for corporate hospitality without compromising either function.