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The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a valued client of ours in which we have produced a custom exhibition stand for many years now. This project is of a different nature somewhat compared to others that we take on, as this exhibition focuses on a much younger demographic.

The challenge that we faced at Ignition, was to create a custom exhibition stand that allowed for multiple conversations to be had at different stations. To further this, because of the younger demographic aspect, it had to look fun and interesting to attract their attention. We believe that this was developed effectively and we hope that ICE reaps the benefits of this.

Moving on to the exhibition itself, The Big Bang Fair has a wide variety of different companies showcasing their creative products and services to a young demographic in which to help and develop their future careers. The fair is on until the 19th so there’s still time to get yourself over there and experience it!

If you’re at the event this week then please do not hesitate to visit ICE over at stand 201 and maybe begin to shape your future!

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Sorry this post is a little late seeing as though the event was around 2 weeks ago…but thought we’d get our experience out there and show off the great exhibition stand we made for ThumbsUp!

Spring Fair is a huge event, showing off a wide variety of different types of companies. However, Spring Fair is a show that is very product centric and focuses on buying/selling products via trade prices rather than a service based show and therefore, there was certainly a lot to take in…There was one exhibition stand that could literally be seen as you walked in, ThumbsUp!.ThumbsUp custom exhibition standAs you can see in the above image, we went for the dark grey and striking red colours to make sure this exhibition stand stood out from the rest. We also incorporated some nice lighting to emphasise the key areas. Not only this, but we added some freestanding shelving areas for all of ThumbUp!’s products (and they have a lot of them) so customers have ease of access while also being able to view them. We, and ThumbsUp! received great feedback on the stand (obviously we knew it was awesome) and we hope to see you all at the next Spring Fair!

If you would like to see all our previous work done for ThumbsUp! and other clients, be sure to head over to our portfolio to feast your eyes on our other impeccable designs…

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Whoa! Spontaneous hat chat has broken out in the office (The Pleasures of a Warm Winter Head) and putting that together with a growing interest in scarves and 5 o’clock pensive glances at faded light and it can only mean one thing. It’s getting to That Time of the Year again. Don’t wince: why shouldn’t we feel early-doors festive when we’ve got a great feel-good stand about to put in an appearance at Event City Manchester? If you’re going down there to visit The Ideal Home Show at Christmas (14th – 16th November) take a look at the charming stand we’ve designed for Festive Lights. You can’t miss it, it has that extra twinkle.

In beautiful Bloomsbury WC1 lies an essential source of information and inspiration for the built environment. The Building Centre lies on Store Street and has established itself as a hugely important forum for Architects, Planners, Specifiers and students.

The basement of The Building Centre is host to an impressive display of independent exhibition spaces where suppliers of a wide variety of materials, technologies and components are invited to exhibit in a semi permanent space.

Sika is the leading supplier of sealants for the construction industry and provides solutions from the basement to the roof. Comfort Floor is one of those products that Sika is keen to promote – a solvent free, low VOC emission certified, elastic, self-smoothing, PUR resin floor with an impressive range of applications. Ignition was invited by Sika to develop the exhibition space displaying the Comfort Floor range and Hygiene wall coatings. Ignition was very pleased to be delivering the creative concept, construction and project management but the application of the Sika product required a specialist contractor. Senso Floors were brought in to deliver the technical expertise and skill to apply the wall and floor finish.

After just two weeks on site the stand was completed and last week was unveiled to the public. The dramatic design and juxtaposition of material finishes, graphics and light create a space at The Building Centre that is unique. The video presentation created by Lightworkphotos and displayed on a Samsung display screen is informative and visually stimulating and with the inclusion of an iPad with the three Sika Apps more detailed data can be discovered at leisure while sitting on the fabulous Icon stool.

Well worth a visit.

retail signage for exterior face on Happy pills shop

As we are suffering from the miserable, often sub zero temperature here in the UK I am finding my mind wondering to warmer times last summer when we were at In-Cosmetics 2012 held Barcelona when we weren’t working hard we were enjoying tasty tapas and fantastic design.

This was my first time visiting Barcelona, I was expecting to experience a rich design past with Gaudi influences all over the city however I found so much more. I was stunned, design is everywhere for everyone to enjoy…and all for free!

Happy pills – Its not only the ‘Selfridges’ of retail that indulge in fantastic design with stunning interior environments, creative retail spaces are everywhere in Barcelona. One I fell in love with was Happy pills, a surprising little shop designed to encourage adults to chase their ailments away with the sweet taste of candy…sugar pills! This shop is located in the narrowest retail space I have been in yet its exciting concept and great design and fantastic graphics provided a fantastic experience, I cant wait to go back…need help with the Monday blues!

Living apartments – this is the type of design that must enrich peoples lives, walking past this otherwise boring building you turn the corner to discover a beautiful cascading green wall full of life, providing the buildings residents with strawberries fresh from their balconies. An unexpected scene in a built up area.

Urban space art – Unusual and unexpected street art is everywhere in Barcelona and it really does have the power to make you smile, Barcelona beech is a perfect example of this and perhaps the seaside resorts in the UK should take notes, we have great sculptural artists in the UK see some of our home grown inspirational sculptures on our pintrest page.

In-Cosmetics 2013 is taking place at he moment in Paris and we are installing a brand new stand for our clients Vivimed Labs! I am sure we will have a blog coming soon with more tails of our travels!