We’ve got the imagination but we’re also hands-on practical.

At Ignition we really understand how to build, we know our materials and we know how to construct so that means that you get great depth of service. Right from the very first conversation with you, we’re firing on all cylinders; while the left side of our brain fizzes with creative ideas, the right side is calculating angles and considering joints.

Oh yes! We have ideas in 360°, we consider a concept and simultaneously consider materials, we look at a sketch and start to construct. What we see in our mind’s eye we can build with our hands. All this means that when we speak to contractors we really know what we’re asking: they can’t tell us it’s not possible because we know it is.

We can talk building from the inside, we understand how difficult a project is and how long it should take to construct and we are fluent in builderspeak. We come to the ideas with the solutions, we bring hammers and nails to our creativity. Our creative thinking comes with beautifully beveled edges.